December 6, 2020

What Are The Roots Of Our Humanity?

Erin Rizzato Devlin | Emir Elisa Rizzato, 18

Digital, Personal Website And Social MediaCàrna, 2020/

Càrna is a project conducted by myself (writer) and my sister (artist). Our aim is to combine both our creative abilities and shine light on environmental, political and philosophical concerns through visual art and painting, poetry, illustration and longer pieces of journalism.

As we are half-Scottish and half-Italian, the name of our project has been taken from a Scottish biodiverse island and has both a Gaelic and Latin etymology: from ‘càrn’, meaning an astrological/burial pile of stones, symbolising the link between the earth and sky and thus our environmental concern; and from ‘caro’, meaning ‘flesh’ and the name of a nymph, to point out our female perspective.

Càrna aims to be a meeting point between creativity and politics, shining light on what the human existence can become, in touch with nature.

Here we wish to propose new perspectives for positive change in terms of environmental and social practices. This project is a little island where we are able to know each other better as sisters, and attempt to understand the world in search for some truth.