December 11, 2018

What are the many forms love expresses itself in?

Nicky Murray



After writing these songs, I composed music for a 3 piece string section and 2 harmony singers to accompany me. Then we made a record, totally independently. It was a serious learning process.

My focus was expression. I think expression is a seriously important concept today. We live in a peaceful revolutionary time fuelled by expression. It can be a saviour, a place for confiding, or a place where vital connections happen.

The subject of the record is ‘love’, in all it’s many forms. Family, friends, romantic, love for our planet etc. A collection of love songs essentially.

The strings were written as carefully as the music as I hoped to express instrumentally as well as lyrically, but I owe so much to all the musicians who played on it, they really made it what it is. It is a total honour.


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