December 14, 2019

What are the implications of citizenship?

Tanatsei Gambura, 20

Political systems are upheld by citizens. Although it is often regarded that national transformation is the responsibility of the few who hold positions in the public sector, the cultural practices and social order of the masses harbours the potential to make or break the politics of a nation. Today and always, the price of apathy dialogue is a morbid one. It is important for us to remember that there is no such thing as ‘apolitical’. Refraining from participating in the creation of free, tolerant and inclusive societies is to choose and endorse the development of repressive regimes. Real change comes when individuals courageously respond to the call of leadership. For some, this is a grand gesture, but for many others, it is as simple as choosing with urgency that the little decisions we make about how we choose to lead our lives spark massive revolutions.

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