November 1, 2019

What are the consequences of consumerism mining for our attention?

Kate Bell, 29

I am interested in the use of narratives of time to encapsulate a perception of punctate perforations to the “wired-mind” and body through the guise of convenience and infinite choice. This piece is a comment on the burnout of the individual and how the economies of time and attention can be seen as a commodity to be mined for profit.

A luring Scottish accent was chosen on the basis that it is one of the most trusted, regularly used in advertisements such as the familiar, female voice employed in information about our health and our safety in Scotland. The use of a wholesome voice and a smooth, clean face generates a feeling of familiarity and trust.

The use of the word “Cookies” also intrigues me – the cutification (Ngai, 2015) of something inconspicuous set me on edge. Juxtaposing the voice, the message and the gradual manipulation of a cutified face was enough to tip the first section of my piece in to Jentsch’s Uncanny Valley, playing on the transition from heimlich to unheimlich and back. Downloading a “free” programme enabled me to smooth my face to digital perfection, moulding my perfectly imperfect face into a mask of the Same.

Mined Mind, 2019Stop-motion Animation Film16:9