Audio Recording / Visual Artwork / Written synthesisDr. Neil Thin Interviewed by Raoul MacCamley, 202029 minutes / 1920 x 1080 pixels / 1200 words

Humanity strives towards happiness and away from suffering. The more we can improve our happiness as individuals and societies (not necessarily in that order, as our fine Dr. Neil Thin explores), the better our quality of life can become. That is very well, but how can we actually improve our happiness? I decided to speak with this academic figure to glean some practical wisdom from a specialist’s decades of study on the subject of happiness… Mere minutes of conversation to condense lifetimes of hard-won knowledge! The conversation was not initially intended to be recorded; this piece emerged very suddenly from a spontaneous decision to capture an otherwise evanescent interaction, and so its existence is a happy little exercise in the very lessons contained within it. This audio recording is a sliver of reality – raw, unedited, recorded with a phone mic and mastered for volume only. It captures the golden, fleeting moment in which arguably the most important topic in the world was described by an expert on its subject: The subject of happiness. The accompanying illustration details the fragments of visual memory that stayed with me after speaking with Dr. Neil Thin; timeless wisdom in an environment filled with life.