PhotographySocial I, 2020

Every weekday morning at the same time, I cross the South Portland Street suspension bridge, stopping to photograph the Glasgow skyline to capture the changing light and passage of time. I see the same people crossing the bridge heading to their respective destinations; unaware of each other, unaware of the changing light, unaware of the photographer. Heads bowed, their gaze focused solely on a small slab of technology cradled in their hand. This photograph was taken on my last day prior to mandatory work from home practice to combat the spread of Covid-19. I have noticed many people on, ironically named, social media services complaining about this sudden loss of liberty, though they appear to be ignorant to the fact that their engagement with the world through the narrow portal of their screens had already effectively isolated themselves from everyone around them. We can but hope that necessary isolation in our homes makes us value the real freedom of society when we return to it: acknowledging one another, face to face, outside the bounds of our screens.