August 29, 2018

We are connected, but do we connect?

Katie Ravenscraig, 30

This work is a meditation on the theme of connection, both physical and digital. It is a series of large scale photograms made in a darkroom using cutouts of my ink paintings. The compositions weave together natural forms, bottles, and cutout paintings of hands.

In a lot of the pieces the cutout hands are arranged in so that they are close to one another, but never touch. Sometimes the hands are consumed by natural obstacles like mountains or bodies of water. A message in a bottle is the focus of some of these hands, who are reaching out to it. They do not interact with the limbs closest to them, instead reaching out towards a possibly unreliable and detached form of communication.

I also made several ceramic sculptural works. I made a pair of bottles, which were then separated, one ending up in the water as a message in a bottle, the other remaining on land. Will the message I sent ever be received? If so, who will find it, and will they reply?

Silver Gelatin Prints, 2018.
Materials used: Sumi ink paintings on transparencies, using hand ground sumi ink and salt. Bottle glass found on beach, message, linen thread, cloth.

Hand Built Porcelain Bottles, 2018.
Various Sizes
Materials Used: Porcelain, glaze, wax resist, cork.