October 7, 2020

Washed Up On The Beach?

Loudon Temple

Mobile from found objectsWashed Up On Seamill Beach, 202030cm from bottom of cork fishing float base to tip of curved branch

Every time my wife, Brenda and I go to Seamill Beach from our home in Kilbarchan, we each take a carrier bag and then pick up litter and particularly anything that is harmful to sea life and the environment. We’ve recently noticed that others are doing that too. Brenda graduated from Glasgow School of Art in the ’70s and has always encouraged me to nurture a free spirit and be creative. I love random beach finds (driftwood and anything else) and enjoy making things from found objects. This came together from bits and pieces retrieved from Seamill Beach over the years (with the exception of the ebonised base). We like to encourage others to do a spot of beach clean up. It’s easy and it’s rewarding and can put a smile on your face, as I hope this piece will illustrate.