November 21, 2020

Was it written?

Georgia Maxwell

Oil on CanvasEcce Femina, 202050x40"

“Truly I tell you, one of you will betray me … just as it has been written.” Matthew 26:21 The teachings of the betrayal of Jesus in this verse serve as a lesson in accepting one’s fate, irrespective of how seemingly devastating, cruel or unjust it may be. Jesus fed Judas. Jesus washed Judas’ feet. Jesus prayed for Judas. Jesus drank with Simon, Peter. Jesus healed Malchus’ ear. Jesus defended Mary Magdalene. Jesus accepted that he would be betrayed. Jesus accepted that he would be crucified. Jesus knew that his suffering was just as much part of his destiny as his glory. Do we have to accept our betrayals? Do we have to wash the feet of those who betrayed us? Was it written? Was it written that we must be crucified before receiving glory? Experiencing trauma is something I have become all too familiar with in recent years. But as I endure, process and attempt to heal from my own trauma, I ask myself; was it written? Is trauma just as much my destiny as anything else? Was I meant to be betrayed? Did my soul have to be crucified before I could receive glory? Was it written?