Oil on SatimatWas It Worth the Pain, 2020297 x 420mm

In November of last year I had an operation on my jaw. I had been waiting for this since I was thirteen. Seven long years and I was finally ready for surgery. I kept being asked; Are you sure about this? Are you sure it’s worth the pain? These questions made me think about years of being insecure and very aware of how my jaw was positioned. I was conscious of how when I smiled my teeth would not touch, smiling only with my lips and not my teeth. This felt for me a turning point in my life. I wanted to keep track of my recovery by drawing and taking photographs. The first of the two paintings below show one of the my worst days for swelling and bruising. The second is the first day without taking any form of medicine, no bruising and only minor swelling left. I wanted to show my recovery and hope it can help others going through similar procedures. You can get through it, life is about taking risks and making it through to the other-side. I now have the confidence to smile again.