March 18, 2020

Was I a slum kid?

Rob Taylor, 63

This work is about where I came from to where I am now. From a discussion with a group of friends came the question, “what was it like growing up where you did?” Later this prompted old memories. I then “browsed” for old photographs of the tenements in the east end of Glasgow. The images that captured my attention most where of the destruction of the tenements. The big machinery, the rubble, the dust. The first glimpse of the house next door that you had never been in. The layers of paint and wallpaper. The cupboards and the nooks and crannies. All exposed for a few moments before it was gone forever. This was my playground. That experience is so far removed from my life now, but will always be a part of the man I am. Slum kid? Definitely.

Tenement, 2019Acrylic and other paints with texture paste and wood scraps on solid wooden board55cm x 26cm x 2cm