January 30, 2021

Was A National Lockdown Just What My Artistic Practice Needed?

Martin Quinn

VideoMartin's Mess, 2020

It’s hard to complain when folk are dying.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom. Lockdown forced me to get off my bum to film and edit some sketch ideas which I had been putting off since I appeared on Limmy’s Show 10 years ago.

His advice to me then was ‘make everything you can think of’. I took this advice, and awaited some filmmaking pal’s schedule to be free enough to make them properly…. It took the boredom of lockdown to force me to just go ahead and make them with what little resources I had at my disposal and as a result they have a rough and ready charm that I feel really adds to the humour of it all. Who knows where it will take me? But the truth is – who cares?!? The satisfying part is that I finally brought these old ideas to life. They had sat in a distant, dusty corner of my mind for long enough and I finally blew off the cobwebs to see if they could still work. And that has turned my outlook on the Covid disaster on its head completely. Without which, I would always wonder ‘what if’?