December 14, 2016

Walking Elegy

Christian Kerr


Death, Loss and illness. The horrific contemplation of those left behind after someone has died. I am continuously questioning my personal experience with my grandfather’s agonising battle with cancer and the lingering presence of grief which manifested itself after he was gone.

Many people think of grief as a single instance or short time of pain or sorrow in response to a loss – like the tears shed at a loved one’s funeral – but like anything, there is a devastating aftermath that we hold onto. Interpreting what I felt as a presence that watched over me only intensified at night when I was left isolated to contemplate my grief. I experimented with how the mind interprets a person or environment to be unnerving when faced with a precarious situation by exposure of light and shadow. In my work I used my younger brother to establish a concept for the presence we could all feel. Out of my entire family it was him who felt the closest connection with my grandfather. This constant reminder of loss became the obvious focus point for my work.