January 23, 2017

Walk In The Dark

Ciara Knight


The power of a society can have detrimental effects on an individual’s wellbeing and this is something I wanted to explore in my video by looking at Nightmare disorder. This is when nightmares can consist of situations that may endanger the victim life or safety; often these can be caused by a mental disorder that can stem from social pressures. Society can have huge power over an individual and their mental health. Bullying, exclusion, and pressure are all examples that can leave someone with nightmare disorder. This piece of art I have created is trying to communicate the nightmares experienced by people with this condition. The heart beating sounds, human voices and sharp scraps in the video are meant to create a threatening and confusing atmosphere. By videoing myself in the water it is meant to show the reality of these nightmares and how social powers can push an individual to the very edge. To be diagnosed with this disorder the nightmares must be frequent, the spinning at the end of the video is meant to indicate and also emphasise the constant cycle of anxiety experienced by the victims due to the power of society.