October 30, 2019

Unity of cultures?

jesus torio, 27

Using David Hockney style as an inspiration, I wanted to recreate one of his most celebrated paintings. In it, a man dives in the water while other observes him from out side. This is a self-portrait created with two pictures. As a Spaniard who moved to the UK five years ago, I am so thankful of all the opportunities this country gave me to develop myself and to study photography. The man diving is a representation of myself before I left Spain. The one looking is myself right now, as a new person who has achieved his dream.
Because, in days when countries use the radical speech of division and superiority, I can only see how beautiful is to be part of Europe, and how amazing is to live in a country like Scotland, surrounded by people from all Europe.

I wanted to create a beautiful picture to represent it. Like Hockney went to LA to find his swimming pools and sun, I came to Scotland to find a new home and feel an equal. And that all that matters, even in the middle of the storm.

Do not splash, please, 2019Digital cameraA2