June 7, 2021

Try Being Dyslexic?

Emily Paterson

Oil PaintThrough My Eye's, 2021100cm X 100cm

Dyslexia is a word I heard a lot as a child, especially during my primary school life. I was shouted at, laughed at, and picked on because of my dyslexia. I carried this around with me throughout my childhood. During this project I wanted to work through some of these memories to reflect on how I have overcome this adversity and turned it into something creative. This is an interactive artwork where I have displayed a paragraph of text detailing my views on dyslexia. This text is unedited, with repeating words and sentences and can be seen in full caps back to front. I purposely made this text difficult to read as I wanted to slow down the viewers reading process making it as frustrating a process as possible. I have used image and paint to explore this layered experience of text, both personal and public. My aim through this work is to have translated my reading process for both neurotypical and neurodiverse audiences.