April 27, 2021

‘To What Extent Do Traditional Arts Satisfy The Needs Of Emotional Expression?’

Leticia Cabezudo Sánchez


As a professional Spanish and Flamenco dancer, I’ve been taught how to be the best dancer that I could ever be. Taught how to look perfect on and off stage. But, at what price? Born from the necessity of creating movement from freely expressed emotions, “Locked”, created the seed of the biggest change in my dance style. When I have been asked to put it into words, I ask in return: How would you define or put into words emotions that are not felt by you? This is why I believe in my work. By creating movement from my inner truth, I give people emotions to feel their own experience of my performance, providing a safe place for their ideas, thoughts and personal inner truth. This path has become the best way for myself to have an honest communication with no barriers between performer and audience, being simple humans sharing a special moment in the same room. Through my experience tradition always stays within each of us. However, in our hands is the decision of who we want to be and how our work represents ourselves to others.