April 29, 2020

To what extent do our past experiences and decisions define our future?

Thomas Houlihan

ProseDefining Moments, 2020

I have always been enthralled by passing time; how time can distort memories, how it can instil fear of what is to come and how we all must adhere to its forward momentum. As time marches on we inevitably have to make decisions which lead us to different destinations and different experiences. These experiences therein inform our next decisions and we see the perpetual loop; decision and experience. With “Defining Moments” I wanted to explore how the ripples of one’s important decisions can carry through time and serve purpose in their future. How we can put to use our past experiences to try and create a more positive destination. This short story and the asking of the question invariably took me on a journey that allowed me to express many other themes such as relationships, loneliness and independence, as well as allowing me to create a character and world with enough realism for me to dive into. For me it is important to ask these questions and study our human nature because with that knowledge we can apply our learning to everyday life and, hopefully, make informed decisions that will ultimately affect our future experiences.