July 17, 2021

To What Extent Are Beauty Standards Engrained in Our Perception of Our Self Worth?

Sasha Knudsen

Mixed MediaFace Mask, 2020

This work explores the relationship between the model and their self image and if digital or non-digital alterations can change the response of the viewer. The concept of a mask is also prevalent in this body of work, as the act of isolating the eyes, nose and mouth takes away an element of familiarity that the viewer might have. To turn an ordinary face into a canvas for texture, colour and abstract expression considers the relationship between high quality images and different mediums such as a variety of paint, charcoal, pen, oil pastel, plastic and paper. This body of work aims to create a space for reflection on the viewer’s own perception of beauty and self image, as it poses the question: to what extent are idealistic beauty standards ingrained in your impression of yourself?