October 28, 2020

To think or not to think?

Kelly Mclean

Mixed mediaBoundaries of the barcoded,

To think or not to think?! That is the question.

2020 and its all about restrictions, rules and regulations. Have we really reached a point of no return where even thinking will be frowned upon ? Following the narrative seems to be only acceptable opinion and as the society braces for new teir 4 it seems even more accepted as not just an “opinion ” but more do we even have any option ? I was always interested in everything and live by the rule of question everything yet here we are year 2020 and all i see is divide and silenced . The brain is our most important muscle yet i believe it is now we are threatening its ability to think for itself to ask the questions how can we teach a generation of young children if they are to be silenced masked up and not to question? Are we going back in time or heading towards a numb normal time of nothingness. Where does it stop? Where are the boundaries? We merge into a virtual tracking device restricted movement and no where to go all thats left is a barcode. A Digital file a circuit breaker.