May 21, 2022

To Embrace Oblivion

Barry Dolan

AcrylicTo embrace oblivion, 202218 x 24 inches

This artwork is a critique and rejection of existential nihilism and displays the consequence of adopting the philosophy. The black sphere represents nihilism, a featureless place where misery begins and misery ends. The figure depicted has become featureless and is a mere outline against the white backdrop of purity. The red figure exhibits redshift and shares this feature with celestial bodies that are at great distances from the earth to show that the figure is disconnected and has become far from humanity. The blue represents the blue shift and is a feature the figure could adopt to bring itself closer to humanity but the blue has become a mere shadow of the figure. The yellow block represents the value of meaning, which has become dispensed with and the figure offers this to nihilism and displays a willingness to embrace the nothingness. This work attempted to show that only darkness is on offer when life-affirming meaning and values are neglected. The art was influenced by the nihilistic, pathological and mephistophelean views of males that have led to significant losses of life.