January 31, 2021

‘What Do You Find In Your Tears’?

Yeonsu Ju

Acrylic And Oil On CanvasYour Tears Are Salty, 2020

Salt Is Essential To Human, As Your Tears Are.

Frequently feeling sadness is easily considered as a miserable, pathetic thing. But is it? Let’s think of Derrida’s concept of mourning. Derrida maintains if we request to return our love from someone we loved based on the fact that they are no longer present, it is betrayal and disloyal in the ethical aspect. He even says “mourning is interminable. Inconsolable. Irreconcilable”. Therefore, for me, struggling with deep grief is beautiful, and it shows their loyal love. It is ‘all too human’. Being able to be sad for the loss is amazing ability and we need to encourage it. I compose figures and narratives using points, lines, and planes. The way of figure formation with lines is important because it only divides boundaries, not holding volume. No one could hold figures; therefore, they are privileged in terms of being able to be freely sad as much as they want. Going back and forth on the canvas, I freely layout visually coded emotions. My work aims enchanting people to experience the complexity of sadness with flowing, lively, and energetic brush marks.