June 30, 2020

This is ‘My Corona’… What’s Yours?

Marie -Louise Riley

Painting AcrylicMy Corona, 2020

In lock down I did some painting. This was one that came. I have been a Social Worker in a hospital in Scotland throughout this time. I have been scared, worried amazed, lost, soul searching, up to my neck, confused, in awe, creatively driven, surviving, coping and blessed. I have never experienced anything like it. My piece here reflects what I am about, and what I think and feel on a multi layer level. My Corona, to be sung like the song ‘My cherona’ is a piece on heart, love, universal values, blood sweat and tears, light and dark, connectedness, space and closeness, search for meaning, wishes and desires, hope amongst the despair, angst and longing for sparkles, uniformity in the confusion, loss of ego and looking from a new view. I want Corona to make a difference. I dont want the normal back. It dont work and does not serve our humanity well. All suffer-people, environment and animals. We need rules and limitations. It helps steer us to appreciate things. I want universality for all. Fed up of where we have been. We need some eagle eyes to grasp a big, overseeing view.