March 25, 2020

There’s more to this world than meets the eye, right?

Diarmad MacKinnon, 26

Genevieve FT is a portrait of my younger sister. For this piece my sister sat in my studio space over successive weeks while I constructed the delicate angles and thinly layered soft colours of this painting. In order to maintain an ethereal tone to this painting, an ambition contemporaneous with my research into the ephemeral, transcendent and the virtuous, I approached this painting in small sessions, often as inspiration struck, often interloped with practices of fasting and meditation, applying brushstrokes with focused form, following disciplined and prescient action. This work is important to me because it embodies exploration into the spiritual, higher thought, the values of rectitude and the experiences which stem from awakening the mind to exploring the world from different states of awareness and consciousness. The compelling motivation and value which arrives from aiming to embrace and experience alternative states of mind, and examine spiritual and religious teachings, is the perspective it might offer on the life of the individual, and the life of the greater society. With clarity of perspective comes the ability to identify and adapt attributes of each, which may benefit the whole and the empathy of each.

Genevieve FT, Oil on Canvas75 x 75