March 18, 2021

The Viewer May Reflect On Their Inner Strength When Faced With Difficult Situations Such As Covid Times?”

Pauline Mckinley

Oil Paint, Glue, Material,Paper,Gold LeafCovid Times, 35 × 45 inches

COVID TIMES. This is painting number two in the covid series. Green was chosen as a background colour to set the scene for the story. An ordinary past time, dog walking. The green background also represents hope. The walker comes across a broken cross which represents her faith, which has be her source of courage and strength dealing with the pandemic. Though the cross is broken her faith is later reaffirmed as depicted by the presence of the star of David,made of gold leaf,it also directs her in her thoughts and path. The WW1 mask intrinsically put together illustrates protection of self and others. Its ugly clinical and crass like quality is in reflection the virus itself. A solitary figure suggests isolation yet the presence of a dog suggests a social element to the scene,dog walking being a safe and socially distant activity permitted.