November 4, 2020

The Third Eye Virus?

herbert Booth

Photography, drawingWhen words become unclear..., 2020

Henri Matisse was ridiculed for painting how he felt about subjects, but his friend Derain said: ‘I think he has stepped through the door into the seventh garden, the garden of happiness.’ I have a feeling that this pandemic has stimulated creativity that is deeply personal and psychologically significant – it has opened the Third Eye as it were. I notice my efforts at photography have changed: I take images more instinctively; I use special filters like photo illustration as they convey my mood; I am moved by the solace of nature; I feel other’s suffering more and I have more time to stand and stare at everyday things. My physical world is more limited yet my feelings gravitate to the universal. This pandemic is impossible to capture in words. It is pompous to call it art, but my photography has given me an outlet for my subconscious. I am grateful for that and for the friends I share images with.