October 29, 2016

The Step of the Bird


‘The Step of the Bird’ pursues the belief that through mundane observations a plethora of external ideas may be derived – it is to extent inspired by Virginia Woolf’s The Death of a Moth where decay and interference are conveyed through the simple description of a moth dying. Rather than revealing any itinerary of themes purposely integrated into the piece, a reader should approach it with an absorbing mind and experience what the unaided mind can conjure.

I chose an essay on the basis of it being a distinctly detached and observational medium, the act of reading also creates a sense of flow – which I believe can be neglected through visual media and is of great pertinence in the piece.

My intrigue into the nature of others existence most probably stems from an innate solipsism – I turned my intrigue to the being of animals and the division between the animal experience and the human experience as a result of a quote by Lewis Thomas: “[animals] are flawless in everything they do. …mindless machines, perfect in their performance.”

However, I encourage the reader not to refine their appreciation to the context of the animal (the birds) and us (the narrator).  The final paragraph (if not the whole piece) should be interpreted in a wider societal context.