April 30, 2021

‘The Sea Is Always Changing And Unpredictable, How Can I Best Capture It’s Reality?’

Rhona Graham

Oil On CanvasBull's Eye View, 202175 x 75cm

My inspiration comes from the need to understand what I’m painting, to see more than a beautiful view or an exhilarating storm.  I want to represent the movement, currents and hidden interactions that I am limited to observing from the surface. I struggle to capture the constant changes, despite endless photographs, hours spent staring at the waves, making sketches and attempting to grasp fleeting reflections and colours.  I’m constantly exploring ways to capture and absorb more information, however my own memories and impressions inevitably fill the gaps.   This painting is the view looking directly over a cliff, influenced also by the sounds and atmosphere on the day. My fascination with the sea is driven by the challenges and complexity above aesthetics, I don’t believe I’ll ever be able to accurately convey everything I want to, but I’ll keep searching for ways to try.