June 22, 2022

The River Reminds Us of Longing and Belonging.

Helen Love | Noon Salah Eldin, 34

short filmNile Dee Don, 2022

We are a creative duo, Eldin & Love. The seed for our film is Noon’s poem, Daughter to the Nile. Noon says: ‘The poem talks about my experience of leaving my birth country in my twenties to navigate the skies of a new country; how I feel as a Muslim, black woman; the feeling you get at the airport of being an outsider; and how tense you feel going through the immigration lines; my parents hopes and dreams for me, and their wisdom and love that held me through some difficult times. The poem also pays special tribute to a young Sudanese refugee.’ The river settings of both poem and film play an integral role. Drone shots of the river Don, like a map, are a visual parallel to the river Nile of the poem. Then shots of Helen drawing a river landscape on a paper skirt worn by Noon, with audio of the two women discussing their rivers, conveys a universal experience of connecting with water and equating a river with home. Finally, the connection extends to the riverside recording of Noon’s poetry performance where the river she wears merges with the river Dee and the river of her words.