March 25, 2019

The place of minority groups in a genetically designed future?

Cody Lukas


Designing Gay Babies, is created in response to the announcement made at the end of 2018 about the successful delivery of 2 twin girls who had been genetically modified with HIV resistance, calling into question the place of various minority groups in a genetically designed future. To this effect, the mixed media installation presents audiences with information regarding advances in the fields of genetic modification along with epigenetic studies of homosexuality in men; such as the development of a machine learning algorithm capable of determining with 70% accuracy a males sexual orientation purely looking at 9 sites along the human genome, or studies showing that gay males tend to score higher on metrics of cooperation and compassion and lower on metrics of hostility.

Amidst the DIY age, where anyone can get there hands on the technology for bio hacking and genetic engineering online, Cody Lukas focuses on the evolutionary advantages that this specific category of Other, to which he belongs, brings to society, and challenges viewers to think about, living in a time where it is okay to be gay, whether anyone would actively choose it?


Designing Gay Babies,
Mixed-medium installation

This piece also includes the presence of yeast and E.coli cultures, genetically modified with antibiotic resistance as well as components from a DIY CRISPR Genetic Modification Kit purchased online.