February 27, 2017

The Hidden Side of The Story

Chi Vo


This painting represents the vast number of migrants trying to find better living environments by crossing the ocean. The lips represent the media and the propaganda. The bee represents the vast, busy and continuous migration flows.

Although I am not interested in politics, I feel strongly about this particular topic and I want to use my platform to raise a voice about a positive aspect of migration.

The media tend to paint a dark picture of the impact of migration on the destination country. Migrants cause a decrease in wages and job opportunities for local people. However, without migrants, who would clean the bathrooms in fast food outlets? Without migrants, pizzas, Chinese takeaways, salsa music, fish and chips etc would not exist in the UK.

I believe everyone should deserve a chance to improve their lives because we cannot decide where we can be born but we can choose how to live our lives. Migration helps to boost the growth of the economy and, in exchange, migrants can have a safe living environment. Therefore, with an ageing population in developed countries, migration should create a mutual benefit instead of a harmful effect as depicted by the media.


Well done to Chi who wins February’s  Highlight of the Month and £100 for her video and accompanying description.