January 23, 2017

The Figures of Disease

Ray-Anna Downie


My focal point was figures of humans. I have called my pieces ‘Figures of Disease’. I, as a sufferer of diabetes, am fascinated by bodies. How on the outside everyone has the same? Skin, hair, eyes. But on the inside no one knows. Someone could be battling cancer, or HIV and then themselves might not even know. It fascinates me how the human body can be so different but the fundamentals are the same. The way the body moves and stands is beautiful and strong, even if the organs are ugly and weak. No matter what we see on the outside, no one will can ever see underneath the skin and muscle. Your own body may be at war with itself, yet no one knows. Simplicity is key. The skin is the largest organ in the human body, but I feel to many people focus on the finer details of the human face rather than the whole body. I have focused on, in my opinion, the bodies most underrated organ and how it holds us all together all the time.