January 17, 2020

The Empty Carousel

Margaret Johnston, 56

Sometimes, you feel your mind is a spinning carousel of images and sounds and never ending distractions . You daren’t get off as you don’t know what lies beyond the ride. Chose your horse wisely as it carries you through life, until the final stop where you pay for the ride. I painted ‘The Empty Carousel’ from a photograph I’d taken of a carousel in Florence. Fairgrounds have fascinated me since I was a child and the ‘Shows’ came to town. The travelling people who worked the rides and stalls, the fancy painted wooden pillars, steps and boards, the bright colourful lights against the dark sky, the smell of candy floss and hot dogs, the music and the screams of people enjoying the thrill of the rides… all made for a mix of heady excitement. I deliberately omitted figures from the painting, except one painted figure who plays the flute, this gives an indication of music. There are no people in the painting, so that the viewer can chose their own horse. Ride the horse, sit in the carriage or hang on to its tail!

The Empty Carousel, Oil80cm x 60cm