January 30, 2020

The divided race: Is the leap of consciousness still far away?

German Soto

Oil on canvasThe divided race: Is the leap of consciousness still far away?, 202040x40 cm

From the chaotic iterations of evolution, we were given the gifts of thinking and understanding, dreaming and creating. However, despite our vast acquisition of science and knowledge, we still let the illusion of our own omnipotent power blind us and rule over reason. We give such precedence and free will to our whims and greediness that sometimes we become a threat to ourselves. Once we embrace the fact that we are not the measure of everything and understand our circumstances and fragile human nature, it will then be clear to us that we are shackled to the relentless pace of time, and how recklessly it is wasted… Is it the concept of ourselves as part of something bigger that will naturally and harmoniously merge our needs and technology with our surroundings? Is that the leap of consciousness that we need to ensure a brighter future?