February 1, 2019

The best day of my life?

Nastja No, 25

According to Hollywood “A woman is her most beautiful on her wedding day” interrogates wedding media as a site of female fantasy and ideology, coded through the aesthetics of beauty and glamour.

It explores the constraints our imaginations are built with. The pressures we face to look a certain way uncover structures of prestige and possible ambition that rule our lives. Having lived in a world of television, I visualise the world in my mind. Close-ups of my face, my body in the room, haunt me as I go about everyday life.

On this day we enacted a narrative familiar from Hollywood films and Instagram imagery. Pinterest boards and months of stressful planning result in a ritual similar to what we played out here. Those photographs are cherished. Do they hide elated pain and disappointment, this being THE DAY?

As I was born in an increasingly conservative country these values look incredibly sinister to me. My parents’ television incessantly blares what a woman should want to be: a pretty young girl, bride, caregiver, mother, grandmother. While the matriarchal power of the home is not to be underestimated, these expectations are damaging to the equality people could have by propagating a binary.


A woman is her most beautiful on her wedding day

One channel HD video https://vimeo.com/313741473