January 14, 2017

The Beauty of Life

Emily Howie


The first values I have chosen is creativity and variation in life as it is shown through this piece as it is a combined Human body with an Animal head to make an interesting hybrid portrait. This brings the focus to the images personality rather than the straightforward un-natural appearance.

The animal head is suited to the human body in terms of physical appearance and body language, you can also see the contrast and feel the personality within the image.

The second value I have chosen is a world of beauty.

The human body is based on a ballet dancer in which they have adequacy while dancing. A ballet dancer’s personality is usually represented by elegance and beauty and sometimes shy although the movements are extremely graceful and powerful showing much emotion.

I chose the animal of a cat as I feel the movement of a cat and a dancer are very similar as they both represent elegance and beauty and the movements are also very graceful.

A cat’s typical personality usually comes across as shy and timid at first meeting. Cats have a sense of innocence within them and they show much emotion and affection towards fellow cats and humans. 

The third value that is chosen is unity with nature as I feel that it is important to include that the cat’s facial expression is in fact in a hissing posture this contrasts with its emotive personality and will change as they don’t want to engage in physical confrontations. This reverts to a dancer, the music typically starts off slow which the dancer is elegant but as the dance moves forward the music can suddenly change, this is much like a cat towards a sudden threat in which the dancer becomes more strong and technical with their movements.

Nature is a main part for my piece as the background is a calming beach, I have also added palm trees which gives the impression of peacefulness and freedom and the exotic flowers gives the impression of independence and excitement in life.