June 22, 2022

Thank you!

Umur Kosal

shorty story Thank you! , 2022

We got used to living with the Covid-19. It’s a part of our normal life now; we take it as just a kind of flu recently. But, as the two years passed, we suffered a lot. So, it’s still important to keep alert and remember what we went through. Yet, we all know it’s not the only evil thing in our fragile world. Like, one day, we can wake up to a war in our hometown. Look at the war in Ukraine! It made us talk, once again, about people fleeing their homes, looking for new ones. We’ve done this for years for Syrians, Iraqis, and some other communities. We welcomed some refugees. We agreed and supported the move. We also opposed. We love, we hate. Joy and anger – mixed feelings. However, what we have never done is look further to see how connected our lives are. There are hundreds of countries, politics and boundaries, but we have only one world, one connected life. So, think about how important it is to embrace each other and play our part in stopping all this nonsense. Then, we can proudly thank each other.  I Hope Rory’s short memoir might be a good example of a refugee’s experience in a pandemic.