December 31, 2019

Tell me about the abyss?

Lee Kirk

Digital PhotographyOpening Ceremony, 2017—— z

Tell me about the abyss. I cant find much info so far on traditional google.

This image is a signifier of mental health. The concept at heart is taken from 19th century Artist Austin Osmon Spare’s concept Neither / Neither as this image transcends this notion of how we perceive what makes an image. Allowing what is to be seen, to be just seen. It just is. What can be perceived when in neither /neither. This image is neither a photograph or a painting but there is a formation. A repetition of one movement – looped /spliced into one specific angle that becomes a source that all inside depends on. A merge of the same. With the rise of mental health, this submission is a window into that abyss. A window into the collective broken heart that stems such a stigma. It’s saying break that infinite loop by loving your darkness, your tormentors, love your enemies and Nemesis. Forgive your weakness, bitterness and evil. This creates your light by being in the dark. Be a custodian of both. By being both, we become it. It just is. And it’s all we ever have been. Until we get there, pour me one. Let’s enjoy this wait together.