July 30, 2020

Technology; prison or life line?

Emmajane Kingaby

Sculptural piece. (I am performing inside the sculptural box I created. Photographed by my partner Edward Walton.)Technology; prison or life line, 2019H: 56CM W:54CM D:54CM

Technology; prison or life line. During my research last year I began to question our relationship with technology and its use in daily life; questioning positive and negatives impacts of an increasing technological world. Is technology an aid or is it controlling us? Are we isolating or connecting through technology? Aiming to connect to the outer world from my own isolation; I step into my binary box, located on the edge. Am I becoming a prisoner to self? I question if we have become obsessed within our own virtual world; that we put up barriers that prevent us connecting with people face to face in our real world. I now observe how technology has enabled us to connect with each other during this strange time of isolation. This sculptural piece was initially made with a stronger, critical view of how technology isolates us from the real world. Following the COVID19 pandemic the meaning of these pieces seems to have changed. Technology has become a life line within our isolated lives. Our only connection to our real lives.