October 3, 2020

Technology; prison or life line?

Emmajane Kingaby

ResinTechnology; prison or life line,

I question our relationship with technology and its use in daily life; questioning positive and negative impacts of an increasing technological world. Is technology an aid or is it controlling us? Are we isolating or connecting through technology? The sculpture, plugged into a public charging station, was initially made with a critical view of how technology isolates us from the real world. Following the COVID19 pandemic the meaning of this piece has changed. I now observe how technology has enabled us to connect with each other. Technology has become a life line within our isolated lives. Our only connection to our real lives. Our senses replaced though an extended body of technology; webcams, microphones and touch sensitive screens. Technology was our only way of experiencing the world; we were inside our binary box. As we reach out to connect with others through our devices; our technology evolves. Will we as users evolve? Will the post technology human: only need two fingers to swipe; a USB port to connect their ear? Has our relationship with technology changed forever? Was this a moment of evolutionary acceleration? As we enter a ‘New Normal’ we have been accelerated into a further digital dependent life.