MonoprintHare and Octopus, A4

Superstitions are the amplified leftovers of oral histories passed down by our ancestors. Starting from blackhouses and campfires, strange creatures, zoomorphic duals, werewolves, bat and cat people, vampires and all manner of beings. I like to place strange creatures together. It wouldn’t be normal for me not to. After all, what is normal? One man’s normal is another man’s ‘odd’. In short, we are all odd and that makes us unique human beings. We need to connect with nature more often and record our events through writing, photography, poetry and drawings. For me, drawing is fundamental and I use my own visual, personal language to create nature scapes that include totem animal spirits, different creatures placed together and ghosts. Dream scrapes also feature animals and places and I try and draw them as soon after the dream as I possibly can. I have sketchbooks full of them. I will continue to explore weird creatures and enjoy my own self being ‘odd’ forever.