September 28, 2021

Sunflowers – Game of Shades – Linkupism

Marina Daniluka

OilSunflowers – Linkupism, Game of Shades, 202150cm × 60cm

In October 2020, I discovered and created a completely new and unique painting technique. I named it: Linkupism (Game of Shades). Painting in my style is like a play of shades, which can be found in a huge number. The picture looks like a mosaic, lined with oil paint using a special-shaped palette knife. The uniqueness of my work is in the technique of its execution. When you look at our world, it seems that everything has already been created and that it is already difficult to come up with something new, especially in art. But it turns out that you can! Sometimes it seems that the world has turned upside down and those things that should arouse admiration cause indifference in many. I would like to cause surprise and admiration for my style. A person of art will immediately see the originality and unique art, which cannot be recreated with modern technology, but can only be created by patience, consistency and perfection of skill with each subsequent painting.