May 8, 2020

Suicide is a scourge amongst the young in our society and will we be in a position to do more before it is too late?

Eddie Docherty, 70

Suicide is a tragic waste of human life in our present society, an ever present deadly malignant  virus, indiscriminate in its selection of young of young or old- but particularly amongst our young in increasing numbers who often show no outward signs of inner anguish; the lines blurred between being normally happy on the outside yet concealing raging despair within. What pushes a perfectly balanced individual to take their own life, a Gift, -unless they are holding on to that  other precious gift Life has freely bestowed on us, which is Forgiveness itself.

Suicide has its ripple effect casting an everlasting dark shadow on friends and family forcing them into hopelessness, guilt, grief and shame, coupled with a sense of never-ending inadequacy as to why they never saw the signs. That gnawing nightmare haunts with ‘if only I had known…’

We are not doing enough to appreciate the everyday stresses of our young; we must do more to turn the tide before it is too late…

The Arrangement/ Redemption, 2020Theatre