October 3, 2020

Stroke, how does this affect a person?

Rosemary McCann

Mother After Stroke, 2020

How does a stroke affect a person?. This is a painting of my mother, after her stroke, which left her right side of body weak and damaged her speech and memory, a strong woman who even at the point of death defied odds and still continues to fight every day for a small part of her independence, that we take for granted. I like so many people are not aware of the daily struggles of a person who is living their lives after a stroke, from personal care, toilet, washing, dressing, eating, along with all the daily emotional roller coaster, my mother has good family support and a wonderful husband, who as her full time carer, has his own health issues. This painting shows the flames of stroke along with many tears and emotional yet colourful times since her stroke, the story does not end there, in away it is only a beginning of a new way of living and accepting that we as humans can adapt and grow aswell as learn that with surrounding love from family, you can have a live after a stroke.