January 31, 2021

‘Are We Fascinated By The State Of Weightlessness’?

Jagoda Zwiernik

Photo/GraphicState of weightlessness,

Centuries of development of human civilization have led to an extremely high technological level. We began to dream of conquering space.We were captivated by outer space: unusual, spectacular colours, gold dust, gigantic waves of substances unknown to us.

We are fascinated by the STATE OF WEIGHTLESSNESS!

The multi-scale structure of the world is also a space vacuum. There is much more darkness and emptiness in space than there is light and matter. Despite such advanced technology, we are still very far from the centre of our own galaxy! Perhaps very personal galaxy- OUR LIFE. Development of human civilization might be also related to another problem. Never in history has the Earth been so full of people as it is now.

At the same time, this problem has never been so common in history. After all, we see a dense forest as a wall of trees, although in reality they are very far apart. Uncomfortable Social isolation, separation from others, and the inability to connect on a a deeper level can lead to LONELINESS. And that’s the darkest black you can imagine…