February 27, 2017

Somewhat Harmony

Kate Millar


Humanity – I began with the theme of wonder and fascination with the universe. I think it’s important to appreciate the beauty of the cosmos as well as our own world; curiosity and wonder are priceless values to cling to today. Sometimes we can become distracted and not notice our own world and societies as positive creations – this is not simply a world at war with itself, as it may overwhelmingly appear. But then I introduced a reflective element to my poem: how would an outsider perceive our world? By drawing connections between the physical phenomenon of the cosmos and the more abstract aspects of our society I wanted to stimulate the question about the state of our world, observing a middle-ground between complete turmoil and peace. We need to remember that we have both aspects in our world – there is so much to be inspired by and yet still so much to do to change the world for the better.