Ink on paper, finished digitally on Adobe PhotoshopEindride: The Illusion of Light, 201924,4 cm x 36 cm

This piece is a comic that explores a particular societal issue of how people are somehow forced to live in a certain way to fit in with the majority of society. People are expected to be social all the time and express themselves by talking or communicating frequently, otherwise they will regarded as antisocial or as a “weirdo”. Some people, mostly known as people who are more introverted, prefer to live in a more reserved way and do not need to socialise all the time. This expectation to socialise all the time, to talk and to always be in company with someone else creates an anxiety that can damage their well being. Introverted people prefer to have a calm environment and cannot stand being watched all the time. Which also becomes a trigger for their social anxiety and their longing for solitude. Thus being said, introverts still need a connection with another person although they need it in a deeper way and not just having a friend for the sake of it. All of this creates a dilemma within them and makes it harder to be feeling at peace with themselves, and/or feel enough with their own personality.