December 19, 2019

Social imbalance: who’s fixing who?

Den Holson

Heaven Is On Its Way,

Social imbalance is evident everywhere. I wanted to make the point forcefully that we ignore it at our peril. Hearing a woman disparaging someone as a ‘crazed druggie’ gave me the idea for this song. The words tell the tale of a deranged junkie for whom “It’s always Christmas when you’re blitzed”. He follows his well-off victim home, ties her up, threatens her to get drugs money, ultimately kills her, meanwhile giving her a running commentary on his own background, view of things, values – a judge, jury and executioner explaining the reasons for her death sentence. Social imbalance made them both who they are – and imparted their values – is the message. His bad luck gave him a fix of the deprived end of it via his heroin-user mother, who also taught him to find consolation in the needle (‘heaven’s something you can fix’). His victim had better luck with her life, but the scales have tipped. She’s about to get her own fix of social imbalance, to give him a happy “Christmas”. Him fixing the imbalance in his own fashion is a consequence of her (and us) pretending it doesn’t exist.