November 21, 2020

So you wanna be a boxer?

Esther Gamsu

Willow, Paper, Glue.Boxing, 2020250cmx280cmx60cm

Growing up, I was obsessed with the musical Bugsy Malone and the song ‘So you wanna be a boxer?’. As a ten year old girl who had never seen a boxing match, I became totally convinced that with hard work and perseverance I too could ‘be the champ’. In the current climate, the country in and out of lockdown and a pandemic raging across the world, many people feel as if their lives have been put on hold. Now more than ever, popular culture provides us with a way to escape our everyday lives and live vicariously through the stories and characters on our screens. Using everyday materials and craft techniques, I recreated the arms of a boxer in action, creating a spectacle at once humorous and surreal, to remind the viewer of the boundaries between the movies and real life. I aim to explore the impact that Popular culture has on the way we shape our lives and expectations. The grip that pop culture has on our lives may not always be positive, but during these difficult times it can serve as a reminder (as I hope my work does) that ‘there’s a golden boy’ inside us all.