October 8, 2020

Shouldn’t sharing DNA be enough to facilitate a conversation?

Claudia Cristeta, 34

This story is part autobiography, part-fiction. I wanted to use something personal to explore wider themes of connection and disconnection, particularly within the family, themes which are now more relevant than ever. The story charts the interaction between a mother and a daughter, who are essentially strangers to each other, unable to bridge the divide and unable to even manage a conversation. The story is told from the daughter’s perspective, and it explores a relationship that is marked by love and anger, but mainly anger. Anger about everything that has happened. Anger about what and we cannot control or change, and where the only option is to accept it. Writing the story proved therapeutic, in that it allowed me to find a new perspective on things, one that is less painful and more detached, even disdainful, and I hope that sharing a personal story will strike a chord with others who might be feeling isolated or disconnected in some way.

The Asian Hornet, 2020